Trails of Anchorage is about four of Anchorage's multi-use trails; namely, Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail, Campbell Creek Trail and Ship Creek Trail.

These shared trails are enjoyed by people in their own special ways whether on foot, bicycle, skis, rollerblades, skateboards or in a wheelchair. The trails provide a Green Transportation System, excellent vantage points for wildlife viewing and great places to walk the family dog. Suffice to say the Community of Anchorage benefits from these wonderful trails.

The trails are presented with slideshows that focus on key landmarks along their paths. Trail descriptions, connections, highlights and resources precede the slideshows and mileage measurements accompany the slides.

Trail Maps, Useful Links, Interesting Webcams, Movie Clips, a Photo Gallery and a Guestbook are also provided.

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with the State of Alaska or the Municipality of Anchorage and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Please direct any official questions, concerning the trails, to Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation.